Epic Syrian Christmas Celebrations End in Terror

Christmas was epically celebrated in every free Syrian city and town as Muslim and Christian Syrians were hand in hand in reconciliation. Thankful for being alive and moving past what they hope had been the worst of the Syrian war.

With the decimation of the Islamic State and Trump’s recent declaration of bringing the over 2000 embedded US troops home, there was allot to be thankful for that night, for all Syrians living under the secular government.



China Global Television Network reported, it was the first time Damascus had a Christmas without war in 8 years…


But that report had spoken too soon. The night didn’t end in peace and goodwill, as the Syrian missile defense system began to shoot down incoming Israeli missiles heading for Damascus City. Twitter alerts had begun warning of Israeli bombers flying over Lebanon on their way to Damascus.

WarningFor Damascus

SyrianGirl a long time activist against the invasion of Syria made a montage video last night showing some of the footage of the celebrations and then the Israeli missile attacks.

I suppose it was a brutal reminder from Prime Minister Netanyahu for all Syrians, that they shouldn’t feel safe. After Trump’s announcement of troop withdrawal, Netanyahu stated, that he may expand their apparent war with Iran onto the Syrian battleground.

“The decision to remove the 2,000 US troops from Syria will not change our consistent policy: We will continue to act against Iran’s attempt to establish military bases in Syria, and if necessary we will even expand our operations there..” – Netanyahu

After freeing Damascus from ISIS and then liberating the neighboring towns from ISIS’ grip, the people who thought for a brief night that life can be normal again after a brutal eight years, were once again reminded the terror will continue – if not by ISIS, then by the US tax dollar funded Israeli war machine. A machine that even put two civilian airliner jets in peril during their Christmas bombings.

Ironically in Idlib City which is controlled by a branch of Al Qaida, the enemies of the secular government, had banned Christmas. Instead this restaurant in Idlib honors President Trump who they had hoped would help them topple Syria’s secular government.


Meanwhile back in Damascus..



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